A Partner Concerned with Your Bottom Line

When you choose Forrest T. Jones & Company for third-party administration, you benefit in many ways:

Peace of Mind

You can rely on FTJ to deliver timely, accurate billings and policyholder communications as well as prompt financial reporting and reconciliation. And when your customers call, you can be confident that they’ll receive courteous, professional service.

Financial Relief

If you currently administer business in-house or with another administrator, you may be pleasantly surprised at the thrift of out-sourcing to FTJ. With our technology and economies-of-scale working to your advantage, you’re more than likely to save money and avoid headaches.

Fewer Distractions

Free your organization from the day-to-day commotion of insurance administration. Focus instead on what you do best — sales & marketing, product design, financial stewardship, risk management — and reap the financial rewards.

Expert Back-Up

The FTJ team has the experience and ingenuity to solve most any administration problem. If we haven’t seen it before — and that’s unlikely — we have the know-how to make sure it’s never a problem for you again.

A Trusted Partner

In this day and age, a solid partner can be hard to find. FTJ has been meeting its commitments every day for nearly 60 years, satisfying the needs of policyholders and our business partners. Just ask anyone who does business with us.

Experts on Call

When you have a question or a problem, FTJ’s knowledgeable staff is a phone call or email away. In addition to administration experts, FTJ has in-house experts in auditing, legal & compliance, contracts, actuary, reinsurance, marketing and information technologies.

Request Information

Our team is eager to learn about your administration needs and discuss how we
can be of service.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose FTJ

One-Stop Solution

FTJ offfers both breadth and depth: a complete range of administrative services and dedicated staffers who understand the insurance industry and the unique requirements of all lines of business.


Our dedicated Implementation Team and new-business protocols are guaranteed to get your program to market quickly and accurately.

Customized Programs

One size does not fit all. Our systems are adaptable to meet your requirements. New and niche programs are our specialty.

Advanced Technology

While others make do with legacy-based systems, FTJ is investing heavily in state-of-the-art technologies. From image-based workflow to policy administration to document output, FTJ has the tech it takes today and in the future.

A Team of Experts

As one of seven commonly owned financial services companies, FTJ has immediate access to colleagues who are experts in legal and compliance, reinsurance, auditing, actuarial services, and finance.

Strength & Stability

FTJ has grown and prospered under consistent family leadership since its inception in 1953. No matter the economic climate, FTJ has the resources to deliver on its short- and long-term promises.

Long-Term Focus

We rely on our commitment to high-quality service and customer satisfaction to earn and retain clients, not lengthy contracts or burdensome start-up fees.